Hell’s dressing

Hi.I like disney.I love disney.I am disney

.Don’t care about what I say.I’m gaston.

I like canada! Beautiful city!Beautiful sky!Beautiful nature!Beautiful women?No,I think japanese women is best on the world.

Today,I ate dinner made my host mother.It was very good!I don’t know if it was canadian food or not,but it was good.But the dinner had a problem.

When I started eating salad.My host mother say”Oh,I’m sorry,I forgot dressing.”…No,I don’t need dressing anything.I like natural taste.But I thought “challenge everything!” So, I didn’t say anything.It’s my mistake at all…

She bring me a dressing. hmm..I can read “cucumber dressing” Oh!I understand!It’s “Kyuuri”in japan!…”kyuuri”? kyuuri..for dressing?Are you ok?Am I ok?I was afraid.But I thought “challenge everything!” So,I smell the dressing.I did “kun kun”.kun kun..kun kun..




I smell like Bond…Yes,you know.The bond.Japanese “Bondo”.Instand glue.We use it creative.We can stick something.

Ok.Calm down,gaston.Don’t wally.It’s dressing.It’s not bond.I know.I can eat it.It’s not dangerous.”challenge everything!!!!”

I get the dressing in my hand and drop it on salad!Good!Gaston!Congratulation!You can do it!Let’s eat it!Surely It be good taste! And I ate it!



……Bond…It taste bond….I was mistake..

It’s my first big memorial.I never eat bond dressing.. no,cucumber dressing.

Of course,I eat that salad at all.Challenge everything.